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      北京365bet买彩票安全码_365bet 网上赌场_365bet投注app研究会(Beijing Society of Internet of Things, BSIOT)成立于2013年,它是一个致力于推动365bet买彩票安全码_365bet 网上赌场_365bet投注app技术研究、标准化、产业化及应用创新与推广的开放性、非盈利学术团体,该研究会由企业、研究机构、高校、相关政府部门及其他社团组织本着自愿的原则组建而成。旨在搭建一个政用产学研相结合的交流平台,推动首都365bet买彩票安全码_365bet 网上赌场_365bet投注app技术与产业的创新与发展。

Beijing Society of Internet of Things (BSIOT) is founded in 2013. As an open and nonprofit academic group, the society is committed to promote the research and development, standardization, industrialization and application innovation of Internet of Things Technology (IOT). Based on the voluntary principle, BSIOT, which is intended to build an industry-university-research communication platform combined with government and drive the capital IOT industry development, is composed of enterprises, research institutions, universities, relevant government sectors and other social associations.